Dr. Dog Evil – The Beginning

Dr. Dog Evil embarks on his mystical adventure across the globe, beginning with witnessing Neo evade bullets in slow motion within the film, The Matrix.
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Oh boy, oh boy, what’s happening here? This human, Neo, he’s moving like I’ve never seen a human move before! I’ve chased balls and sticks in the park, but this is something else entirely. I can’t believe my eyes, or is it my nose? Either way, something’s off here.

Those shiny, fast things, they look like they might hurt, but Neo’s dodging them like it’s just another game of fetch. It’s like everything has slowed down, even my wagging tail. I can see every single detail, the raindrops falling, the ripples in the air as the shiny things pass by.

I wonder if this is how the humans feel when they throw a ball and I catch it mid-air. It must be thrilling for them too. But what’s going on here? Is Neo some kind of superhuman, or is this one of those weird dreams I have after I eat too much kibble?

I can sense the tension in the air, it’s like the time I accidentally chewed up my human’s favorite shoes. But there’s also a feeling of excitement and amazement, like when I discovered that digging holes in the backyard can lead to hidden treasures.

I wish I could understand what’s happening, but I’m just a dog, after all. I’ll just keep wagging my tail, cheering Neo on as he continues to dodge those dangerous shiny things. If he’s anything like my human, he’ll give me a treat and a good belly rub once this is all over. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll teach me how to do that cool slow-motion trick!